Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eye on the Wrecking Ball

    I think that it is sad that the nation’s people focus all their attention on the trial of man who shot and killed another man, a sad but rather common occurrence in the US rather than the far more important trial or court marshal of Bradley Manning. 
    The Manning court marshal is so shrouded in secrecy and the MSM seemingly so uninterested in it, that we find ourselves forgetting the monumental import that the outcome of this trial will most certainly have on our lives and the futures of our children and their offspring. 
    Obama's relentless efforts to cut us off from learning, through brave and heroic citizens like Manning and Snowden, about the criminal activity our government undertakes here and abroad, will have dire future consequences for us. These brave whistleblowers broke the law and their oaths knowing they were facing life sentences, lifetime in voluntary exile from their beloved country and even the death penalty as in Manning’s case to leak classified information as it was their patriotic duty to the people. They followed their conscience; they believed they had a moral and ethical DUTY to inform us of dirty little secrets about our government that we have every right and reason to know. It should please those who support the president that whistle blowers are in fact serving to aide Obama in his pledge to be the most transparent administration ever.  Punishing them for giving aide to the president is the most egregious case for “Damned if you do and double damned if you don’t”
    Are these brave and honor-driven Americans not the type of men and women that we actually long to have as leaders of this country? Are we not done yet with the slippery liars and corrupt deceivers who treat each and every one of us as public enemies and terrorists? If we allow these whistle blowers be punished as traitors, are we not betraying the fundamental principles of our nation? Are we then complicit in the crimes of the Obama administration...can we live with that? If men like Snowden and Manning are willing to risk their very lives for our once beloved principles, what then are we willing to risk? I think it would be a simple thing to try to, at the very least, keep our eye on the ball. No, not the tennis ball playing out in the other courtroom but the wrecking ball playing out in the Manning Court Marshal. 
    Obama wants us distracted from the important issues so the media aggressively covers the murder trial that has the juicy racial connotations. Obama and his minions know that we like DRAMA and that trial has plenty of that to keep us placated and occupied. Come on people, whites and blacks kill each other sometimes, it is not a new story, therefore, it is  far from “news”. While everybody wonders if the blacks will riot or the whites protest after the verdict Rome continues to burn. Let’s not show them our stupid sheep butts, let’s show them our mule asses as we stubbornly stand behind, support and protect our few remaining, courageous heroes! If we do not pay attention to what really matters we will be sorrier than we can imagine.The ball is in our court now.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


"A lie is absent of truth therefore a lie does not exist; it has no reality.
                Only Truth exists and is what makes up reality. Truth, therefore, is what is."

  One can imagine a fictional world when reading a well written book, for instance, many hours can pass as you allow yourself to be immersed in the the story. To some, reading fiction is a flight from reality that becomes a powerful addiction. Not only does the reader escape, if only momentarily, the stress, worries or abuses they may experience in reality; they also gain experience (knowledge) with no real risk. Stories can serve to warn of those real risks as the storyteller's fictional events unfold in our imagination. 

  Certainly, there is no harm in escaping reality for short periods while reading a book, watching a play or engaging in a game which transports us into an imaginary or fictional setting. However, living in a world where our very existence has been cleverly and intentionally shaped by the fiction of others without our consent or choice is very harmful indeed.

America on the Yellow Brick Road

  You may recall in the story of The Wizard of Oz; Dorthy lived with her long suffering Aunt and Uncle who struggled against nature to successfully farm their land in rural Kansas. Life was hard enough without the added fear of a nosy, nasty old neighbor who decided to break the heart of the young girl by taking her dog, after (falsely) claiming the dog had bitten her. 
  Dorthy's little dog Toto, escaped the old woman as she rode away cackling on her bicycle. Her joy over Toto's return was cut short by a violent tornado that caused her fall and subsequent head injury. Dorthy finds herself trapped in a fictional world where some "truths" about the real world she had been forced to "leave" remained in her subconscious mind; the Kansas home, the storm as well as fictional characters vaguely resembling the people whom she knew. These bits of truth served to engage her more fully in the fiction her imagination had taken her.
  Americans, clearly, are not suffering from a violent blow to the head caused by natural events. The injury to us was intentionally inflicted and far more serious. However, the allegory is useful because it serves to help explain how our enemies were able to manipulate us into consenting or allowing them to control us, enslave us and keep us from discovering the truth (reality). 
  The fictional world does not exist and people can not exist in it. Yet, under certain circumstances and conditions, one can be convinced that the daydream is real. The illusion is so well constructed with props, images and falsehoods that back the story line, it becomes nearly impossible to identify fiction from reality

  Like the fiction writer, the creators of our illusion use similar techniques to immerse the 'reader" deeply into the story. But first they must lay the foundation for the illusion. The goal of our enemies is to keep us "living" in the fiction, trapped like a spider in their web of deception. This is where the fiction writer or story teller and the creators of the matrix part company.

If Ever a Wizard There Was
  In Dorthy's dream she knew that she did not belong in Oz, although she could not articulate it she knew that reality still existed somehow. She thought of "Home" where Auntie Em lived as a "place" that she wanted to return to if only she knew how. The creators of our illusion knew that they must try to eliminate the clues that would serve to remind us the reality  where we belonged. To accomplish this they must gain our trust and equally critical; our dependence upon them. Most important of all they must have our totally AWE in their powers and abilities. Fear being the key to control every aspect of the daydreamer's life.The recipe also calls for a dash or more of confusion and a heaping spoonful of distraction stirred in at proper intervals.They must also be the authors  and editors of all acceptable history books, including the most coveted and influential account; The Old and New Testament versions of the Christian Bible.
  The men who conspired and implemented this plot to eventually control all the people of the world were and are not Wizards or Demons nor were they or are they any more powerful or intelligent as you or I. What they had was time and lots of it, to secretly meet with other hand picked members of an elite "club", to plan over many hundred of years, an (almost) foolproof way to commit the most heinous crime ever conceived by man. They are the most vile of all humans that have ever lived on the earth. They have no respect for life, freedom or the rights, natural to the birth of all children. Nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo to these under evolved, mutant-like creatures who once upon a time, may have embraced human qualities reflected by God's own image.
  That being said it is very important to understand that the creators of the illusion, in which we have been held captive, possess no greater power than we. Indeed, they will be easily defeated, as we have them far outmatched in numbers as well as in the values that motivate and unite us. Do not for a moment fear the despicable foe; for he is few and we are many, he is rotten while we are healthy, he has, unwittingly, chosen a path to his own self destruction,  we, on the other hand, choose Freedom and Truth. Our knowledge of our oneness with God and all of that was and will ever be created by that oneness with the universe and our rightful dominion over it, returns our nature power to us. Rejoice! for this is the hour of our history when the sun shines brightest, to warm and  to guide us, as we begin our journey, through the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. 
Click Your Heals Three Times 
  As more Americans begin to see the cracks in the fictional world and take their first uneasy steps into the bright light of truth, we welcome them with a message of the promise of peace, unity, ultimate happiness and prosperity found only on the path they have now chosen. We must encourage each other to live as the conquerors of our enemies, strong, capable,confident and true to our convictions. Only by knowing who we are can we be who we are.
  Meanwhile, back in the Land of Oz, Dorthy's wish to return to reality; to the farm and people she loved, had seemed hopeless without help from the Wizard. However, after finally standing fearfully before him, to ask him for the courage, heart and brain sought by her fictional, yet familiar friends, Dorthy begins to suspect the truth hidden behind the massive curtain. The Wizard, she soon discovers, is nothing more than a con man, a phony who controls the loyal subjects of Oz through the illusion of his fearful power. Behind the curtain of lies, Dorthy finds a weak and disgusting liar hiding, more fearful of her than she had been of him. The "Wizard" she discovers does not deserved her respect, leave alone her blind obedience or misplaced loyalty. This "Wizard" was nothing more than a magician who created illusion through use of trickery. Before her stood repugnant fool  was certainly not worthy of any body's awe. 
  Discovering the illusion created by the Wizard, was the key to realizing the power she had always possessed; inherent in the freedom she was born with. 

  The writer of this fiction, so full of clues to our own trap, is ripe with symbols of our current situation in America; (Dorthy's slipper clad feet representing that freedom that she could "slip" back on), to communicate the simplicity of the solution (how to return home). Armed with the power that knowing  her personal freedom can not be lost or stolen, gave Dorthy the courage to choose her path. Clicking the heels of the red glam slippers together three times while repeating "There is no place like home" is symbolic of the simplicity of truth; an individual's natural born right to make personal choices that effect their happiness and prosperity. 
  You know the rest of the story; its that "happy ever after" ending we have come to doubt so well.
Is it Really that Simple?
  Can Americans click their heels to defeat the enemy and instantly solve all our problems? Well of course not, Dorthy's story was a fictional one after all. Fiction when read in a book or watched in a play has its place, as I pointed out earlier.
  We can apply the concepts and ideas represented symbolically within the fictional story to aide us in the solutions to the problems we face in reality. Living in that fictional world should be avoided at all costs.Yet the lessons in Dorthy's story are relevant to our future and the to defeat of our enemies. 
  All is not the hopeless cause that we have been deceived into thinking it is, we can and will be victorious. However, victory depends upon the majority of our nation's men and women who have made or will make the choice to seek truth, refuse the illusion and stand united for the cause of true liberty. Our true entitlement is that which we are born with and that no man can take from us; Freedom.Those of us who have already made that commitment and are on the journey to the enlightenment that brings peace and prosperity must determine to urge others in a compassionate and loving way to join the cause. 
  These are dangerous times we live in, if we wish to survive, we must continue to seek out the truth with diligence and courage. We must not be diverted or misled. Be guided by common sense, values and put your trust in you. When you do this you will  walk the path of Gods intention for you. You were created to reflect God in all that you are and all that you do. You are God's perfection when you live for the truth. 
 Thus and then we can stand; one shield, one weapon, one mind, one truth.

  United, we return from Oz to the beauty and  blessings found only in reality. There and only there is where our defeat enemies can no longer hide and secret the truth from us as they have done for far too long. They will be brought to justice. Convicted, they will meet their final judge.
Back in Kansas
  Fear shall be lifted from the hearts of Americans and placed back where it belongs; in the deceitful, vile hearts of our enemies. It is time for a game changer. It is time for A Brave New America to become the Republic it was intended by the founders to be. Freedom is non negotiable. Our American Constitution is the LAW by which we all must abide.

   Let he who conspires to enslave others be warned; It is you that shall fear us, we are the righteous of mind and spirit, our freedom is not for trade at any price, The Bill of Rights is not a "Bill of Privileges" that can be taken from us at your whim. Continue your treasonous acts and you shall face trial and execution for your crimes.